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the persuasions on video.

classic performance! Nov. 17, 1971 on nyc tv program, "soul."
the persuasions perform at the beginning of the show,
and at the end.

with joni mitchell on the "Shadows and Light" tour, 1977.


the pers sing zappa: "lumpy gravy" 2000.


"up on the roof," early '90's.


"oh heavenly salvation,"  late '80's. (kurt weill)

"dream," "somewhere to lay my head" 1974.
(with the late willie c. daniels singing
 second tenor, back row left.)

"oldies medley"

"buffalo soldier"

"lookin' for an echo" from Spike Lee's
"Do It A Cappella"

more persuasions video:
"let it be"

"man oh man"
"gypsy woman"
"the man in me"
"don't it make you wanna go home?"
"papa oom mow mow" (used in "E. T.")
"to be loved" (solo, "Sweet Joe" Russell)
"i'll be forever loving you"
"harder than your husband"
"chain gang"
"i'll come running to you"
"the ten commandments of love"
and yes, the once (or twice) played with a band,
 but don't tell anybody:
"party in the woods"

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