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It's a splendid album! The lads were in fine voice (and humor); the numbers are paced really well; sound is great (and balanced - I imagine no small feat given the power of the bass). A fine document of this great group in their late prime.
---Jeff K., Philadelphia.

This is their signature album.
--- Floyd K., Michigan.

Frank and I listened to the entire CD last night- including the encores. It was great. The sound was terrific. We were totally enthralled through the whole show and also felt that we had a good seat in McCabe’s for the performance.
---Kate and Frank W.

So I'm cooking in my kitchen and I put it on - the announcer sounded kinda tinny, so i turned it up, thinking it would be a rough recording, and all of a sudden, i got the Persuasions in my house! An absolutely beautiful sound, clear, distinct, full and right there! I just had a blast listening and remembering ......stunning!
---Tim R.

Saviors of the once dying art of a cappella, the influential Persuasions have taken this unique art form to a new level in this new fabulous live recording full of revelry and fine vocal chops. It'll tickle your innards.
---David Gross, Punmaster's Musicnotes.

The CD is raw Persuasions, in the best sense of the word - in your face, laughing, singing, sometimes tears flowing. One time at the Rainbow, singing Slip Sliding Away, Jerry jumped down from the stage and started singing with Sam, a girlfriend of ours. I turned to my boyfriend, Rich, and tears were coursing down his cheeks, as they were mine. We smooshed wet checks and sang our hearts out. There were many wet, glistening eyes during that song. . . . Their electricity, then and now, is powerful. One of the greatest blessings of my life. . .
---Gail H.

The album is great fun!
---Betty B., Duluth.

I received the new CD a few days ago. Like all my Persuasion Cd's once put in the car it plays over and over for days. Some people can't get enough chocolates or cookies, I love the Persuasion sound and of course that's Jerry at the forefront. I look forward to your next visit to NYC. "Music is the one man made thing that rivals Mother Nature." I thought of this while listing to the new CD.
----Cary B. , New York.

Album sounds great! Kudos!

Barry Smolin, host of "The Music Never Stops," KPFK-FM.


David Allen

"I listened to the album last night. It's beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to The Persuasions and the time I spent with The Persuasions. The years I was in The Persuasions are very special to me, and I'll always hold them near to my heart. The Persuasions should
be very, very proud of this album."
---Jerry Lawson.